22 Feb 21
It has affected how the region attracts foreign logistics players.
22 Feb 21
Malaysia spent US$250 million on transport infrastructure investments per million capita over the past two decades.
18 Feb 21
Find out what to expect in the logistics sector in 2021.
17 Feb 21
Sale and leaseback activity is also expanding.
15 Feb 21
Some 29m sq ft of industrial space is expected to be completed this year.
11 Feb 21
InLand Rail will re-orient Australia’s logistic supply chain in favour of Brisbane.
11 Feb 21
Investors and occupiers set their sights on Indonesia, India, and China.
11 Feb 21
Analysts say cold storage investments are viable because of burgeoning demand underpinned by the pandemic.
10 Feb 21
Sales reached nearly US$2bn, accounting for 39% of total annual transactions.
4 Feb 21
The sector saw the largest amount of activity in 2020.
2 Feb 21
The vaccine distribution is currently one of the biggest projects for Australian logistics providers.
2 Feb 21
AS Transit Warehouse, Bersatu Integrated Logistics, Eminent JV Group, are some of those taking advantage of the opportunities.
22 Jan 21
Transaction volume in the sector hit US$2 billion in 2020.
22 Jan 21
Vacancy in cold storage has already reduced to less than 1% as supply remains low.
20 Jan 21
Logistics properties will benefit with price and rent increases ranging from 1% to 3% in 2021.
19 Jan 21
23% of investors were willing to bid above asking prices in logistics.
13 Jan 21
These are tailwinds from structural trends underpinned by the pandemic.
11 Jan 21
Japan and Singapore recently witnessed data centre deals worth over $350m in total.
8 Jan 21
En-bloc data centre supply is forecast to reach 1.44 million sq ft by 2022.
7 Jan 21
The pace was averaging 19% annually in 2017 to 2019.
6 Jan 21
Land prices have increased steadily over the past five years, thanks to strong local demand.
3 Jan 21
3PLs take up half of total occupied space.
28 Dec 20
China is forecast to overtake the US as the world’s largest economy by mid-2030.
28 Dec 20
The vacancy rate in Greater Tokyo decreased 50bps to 0.1% in Q3.
28 Dec 20
Q3 marked the seventh consecutive quarter of demand exceeding the 10-year quarterly average of 179,400 sqm.
28 Dec 20
Gross take-up hit 225,000 sqm in Q3.
19 Dec 20
It recorded a 76bps increase from 7% last quarter.
19 Dec 20
The current size of the data centre market in Hong Kong is around 307 MW, with more than 300 MW in the future supply pipeline.
10 Dec 20
In particular, Bangkok and India prove to be promising markets going forward.
10 Dec 20
Thanks to significant local logistics demand for necessities and online retailing.
10 Dec 20
Find out how rents in the rest of Seoul Capital Area fared in this quarter.
9 Dec 20
The most prominent deal was the USD300m sale of Incheon Hang-dong TJ Logistics Centre.
7 Dec 20
30% of these investments were transacted within Q3 2020.
24 Nov 20
Firms can nominate until 19 March 2021.
24 Nov 20
Meanwhile, warehouse rents are expected to remain flat.
24 Nov 20
Prices increased 7% to a new record of USD 102 per sqm per lease term.
21 Nov 20
It’s a reversal from a four-quarter decline which began in Q3 2019.
19 Nov 20
Leasing volumes increased 27.7% to 3,005 transactions in Q3.
16 Nov 20
There were 8,021 new units sold in the first 10 months of 2020, down by 4.5% from the same period last year.
11 Nov 20
The correction is expected to be more apparent beginning Q4 2020.