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sustainability in real estate

How much of Osaka’s Grade A office buildings are green?

Find out more about the city’s sustainability status.

Asian occupiers are paying up to 28% more to rent green offices

Find out how much premium green spaces command in different Asian cities.

Why Hong Kong has a long road ahead to achieve sustainable real estate

Only 22% of all existing Hong Kong buildings are green-rated.

What role does sustainability play in Kuala Lumpur's real estate sector?

JLL outlines 4 key benefits of shifting towards sustainability.

What you need to know about sustainability in Vietnam real estate

One 272-hectare smart city project will be worth USD 4.2 billion.

Why more private funds are acquiring green building certificates in Japan

The ratio of certification acquisitions by private funds rose from 8% in 2018 to 30% in 2021.

Office and hotel property investments in APAC to jump by up to 30% this year

Value-add strategies will prove to be especially useful in the office market.

3 key initiatives to boost Malaysia’s green building segment

Implementing an Industrialised Building Systems is one, as 15% of a building’s GHG emissions happens during construction.

Malaysian buyers willing to pay only 3% more for green homes

But it costs up to 6% more to build a green-certified residential building. 

Nearly 80% of offices in Singapore are certified green as of Q3

They are mostly in the CBD and CBD Fringe submarkets.

Green building occupiers in APAC paying rents of up to 10% more

The demand for green buildings will outpace supply in the region.

Where does Philippine real estate stand in terms of sustainability?

The number of certified green buildings recorded a CAGR of 4.6% as of 3Q21.

Why the real estate sector is a crucial player in APAC’s sustainability efforts

39% of global carbon emissions come from building and construction.

Why investors, landlords should decarbonise buildings now

Employees demand greener buildings, but 65% of them do not know about their employers’ sustainability efforts.

How ready is Jakarta's office market for the rising demand in green spaces?

Less than 20% of the city's office supply obtained green certifications.

Industrial developers probe delivery routes to improve sustainability

A facility in Australia is tracking carbon emissions of delivery vehicles.